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Male Body Waxing London - Gentlemans Grooming
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Gentlemans grooming was formed to offer the modern man the finest waxing service in London using premium luxury products and delivering these through an affordable pricing structure. Our focus is on becoming the preferred brand for all gentleman's body grooming treatments.

Our services are aimed at men from all backgrounds delivered by our industry leading resident male therapist Ralph Marzo.

Full Body Waxing
Male waxing has become one of the most popular male grooming treatments. It is no longer considered a taboo or something traditionally associated with women, male athletes, body builders, actors or models.

Gentleman's Grooming offers a full body waxing service which includes everything from the eye brows to the toes, including the popular back wax and male intimate waxing.

Benefits of waxing include:
• Increased self-confidence
• Improved appearance and enhanced muscle definition
• Increased sporting performance
• Increased hygiene
• Reduced body odour

Body Clipping (Manscaping)
Clients often request body hair to be trimmed instead of waxed. Gentlemans Grooming offer a body hair trimming service to accompany our waxing service. Clients may choose to trim their full body hair, a specific body area or select a combination of waxing and trimming such as the popular back wax and a chest trim.

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